About Me



Hey, nice to see you

Hello, my name is Swapnil Abhimanyu Wagh, I'm a technology enthusiast always eager to learn new and exciting technologies. When I was in my graduation most my friends approached about issues with their phone or laptop. I was the go-to guy for fixing resolving any technical problems & coding problems, since then I was dreaming to be a programmer, finally after completing my post graduation I started my career as python developer and dream comes true 🥳.

Over the time I learn and work on many technologies like PHP, RoR , AWS, JS, Loopback, NodeJs, Angular. I alway want to use my knowledge to develop innovative softwares to solve the problem of organizations.

In my spare time I like to learn new thing, currently I am learning Flutter. I also like to watch movies and TV shows with my family & play with my daughter.

Currently I am working as Full Stack Developer for leading bank in UAE.

Skills: Python, JavaScript, Angular, React, AWS, Docker, Jira, Agile

Database: Postgres, Mysql, MariaDB, MongoDB

Soft Skill: Requirement Gathering, Teamwork, Problem Solving.