NODEJS May 16, 2020

How To Deploy NodeJS Apps With PM2 & NGINX In Cluster Mode On Production Environment

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Process Manager is a special program design to effectively manage server process and take benefit of server resources. It’s useful to keep application online and restart on failure.

Process Manager is also useful for clustering, logging and monitoring the application. Process Managers make it possible to demonize the application so it will be running...

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SSL March 03, 2020

How To Generate & Install SSL Certificate In Apache Web Server On Ubuntu

Words count 9.3k Reading time 8 mins.

SSL, Secure Socket Layer is a protocol created in order to place normal traffic between server and client in encrypted and protected wrapper, without any possibility of traffic being intercepted in between of transmission. SSL certificates encrypt a ...

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AWS February 24, 2020

How To Replace a lost Key Pair with new one on an EC2 instance

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Access to Amazon EC2 instances specially the Linux instances are always protected by a private key pair. Private key is only the way to get access to the instance, what if you lost the key? Is your servers lost in black hole? Thankfully nothing is lost...

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